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Welcome To The New Queen's Nutrition!


We have so much exciting news to share, and we’re so happy to have this opportunity to introduce you to our new website.

Firstly, we have to talk about this transition. Our new website is a monumental improvement over our old site, and marks a new chapter in our promise to our customers to be the best family-owned natural products store we can be. So before we talk about what is new, let’s talk about what is staying the same. 

What is staying the same?

Queen’s Nutrition will continue to provide the same great retail store in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the same friendly staff you’ve come to know and love, and the same leadership team who has provided more than 50 years of leadership within the natural products industry.

Gloria Novak, along with her late husband Joe, first came to own Queen’s in 1979. Ever since then, she has provided great value to all customers looking for a high quality selection of natural products. Along with her Son, Joe Jr., and his wife, LoriSue, both of whom have been key members of the Queen’s team for decades, Gloria is excited to help write this next great chapter in the Queen’s Story by providing a full online shopping experience.

What is changing?

In truth, we feel the “changes” announced in this message are mostly cosmetic, relating to our branding. But the truth of what we are announcing is less about changes, and more about bringing a brand new experience to our customers.

The savvy readers may have already noticed we are dropping the word “Products” from our name and utilizing the shorter name “Queen’s Nutrition” which better acknowledges that we provide much more than just products. Our employees bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and we will be providing much more free information about natural products going forward.

Queen's Nutrition Logo

Likewise, we are proud to show you our brand new logo! This is a fine update to our visual identity, and will influence much of the design of our website, as well as new Queen’s merchandise that we will launch shortly.

If you look at the URL bar in your browser, you may also notice we’ve updated our URL. We feel the .shop domain name (previously .net) is more representative of the new web experience we are rolling out for our customers.

And lastly, our website technology is brand new. Our previous website experience was built in a time past when the web was younger, and everyone knew they needed a website, but not necessarily why. We understand the why, and so we decided to build a completely new experience that will support all of our future efforts to bring you the best Queen’s experience, outlined below.

There’s much more to come!

Today we’re launching the new website, along with our new branding. The two go hand in hand. Additionally, we are able to start selling our new gift cards electronically. At the moment you can purchase them online and use them in-store. We will provide more information soon as we improve the in-store process and also begin rolling out our online shopping experience.

That’s right, we’re bringing our great selection online! And there’s much more to come. Keep reading to see what else we’re planning.

We’ve been uploading our inventory, testing, and training for the online shopping experience. This is new for us, so we want to make sure it’s an easy, exciting process for our customers. We’ll begin by launching our own best-selling line of supplements. We know many of you agree that Queen’s own branded supplements are the best-value we offer, and we want to bring these for you first. We’ll be working to quickly add the rest of our catalog to the online shopping experience. Be sure to subscribe for updates to learn as we add more of our inventory.

As we build out our online inventory, you’ll be able to choose to complete your order online and receive your order shipped to your home or office, or place an order online and pick up in store. This will be an automated expansion of our already great curbside pickup program that we began offering earlier this year.

Soon we’re be improving our in-store shopping experience too. We’ll be able to offer an even better personal shopping experience, with more great options for contactless checkout.

Swag! As we mentioned earlier in this announcement, we’re busy designing some great products with our new Queen’s branding. We know that our customers love shopping with Queen’s, and when we launch our swag you’ll be able to proudly share that love with others.

And much more too. Some of our plans are too early to share much about, so all that we’ll say is we’re exploring shopping experiences like subscriptions and memberships that will make it easier than ever to live a healthy life. But we want to make sure to get the details right so that we only offer the best.

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